Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

So for Mother's day weekend we really didn't do anything. I told Wah that he didn't have to celebrate Mother's day so that way we don't have to do it for Father's day. Too much going on that we need to save our money anyways. I did how ever spend time with my Mom, Aunt, and Grandma over the weekend. It was nice to just sit around and do nothing. Thank god the sun was out that weekend. Tristan was sporting his sun glasses that day and Kai had fun playing with Jordan (his uncle).

One of Wah's friend from high school is getting married so they had his bachelor party. It was nice to see Nabeel and Jim again. They came by the house to see the boys and to shower after playing ball. It was really nice to catch up and remember our high school days. Gosh we're getting old.

Matthew's 8th Birthday

This year Matthew celebrated his birthday at Park Lanes. It was Kai's first time bowling. It was cute trying to hold the bowling ball. Tristan was just standing on the side cheering the boys on. His favorite part was when the ball return machine. He would put his ear up against the side and listen to the noise. It was funny.

Mary's 1st Birthday

So Wah's little niece Mary finally turned 1. She is quite the spoiled little cutie. Here are a few pictures from that day.

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My poor baby

So my little baby Tristan broke his 2 front teeth. He was in the bathtub playing in the water and noticed that Kai was peeing on the toilet. So he was curious and peered out of the tub and slipped. He chipped his front tooth! Oh gosh I felt so bad for him. After crying for awhile he seemed to be fine and drooling like crazy.

The next day I took Tristan in to the dentist and they had to give us some bad news. Since one of his tooth's nerves were exposed it would most likely cause an infection to his permanent tooth. His other tooth had a fracture in it which was next to his nerves so we decided to pull both of them out. Let me tell you it was probably one of the most traumatizing things we probably both had to go through. Since Tristan is so young they had to put him in a straight jacket looking thing and put his head in between 2 boards strapped down. I hated seeing him like that. Also I had to hold his hands and knees down so he wouldn't try to grab the instruments. They gave him laughing gas which didn't work because his nose was stuffed so they gave him a shot to numb him. Right when they did that they yanked both of his teeth out real fast. Boy did he cry his lungs out. I just held him for awhile while they cleaned up and he fell asleep. They told us that he can't suck on anything or eat solids for 42 hrs. When they told me that, I was thinking "Great how are we going to do this?". Tristan is still attached to his bottle so it was going to be difficult. It was really hard when we got home cause he just wanted to drink his milk. He just cried and cried till he put himself back to sleep. I don't think I got any sleep that night. Anyways he's doing fine now. He healed up very nicely and he's a happy little boy. hehe

My 27th Birthday

I can't believe that I'm 27. That means I have one more year till my high school reunion. Time sure flies by these days. So at work Cindy, Jeannie, and Sharon made my birthday so memorable. I was walking through our lunch room and this is who was waiting for me:
Oh Edward you remembered it was my birthday. hehe Sharon made one of my favorite dishes which was her Cabbage casserole with Italian sausage and she made me her absolutely yummy chocolate cupcake. It's like biting into heaven when you eat it. Here are a few other pictures from the rest of the day:

Oh yah so Jeannie was upset that day and I had to take a picture of her. It's the "Don't mess with me face!" haha

Later that weekend my friends and I celebrated my birthday at Big Al's in Vancouver. I had a lot of fun because I haven't seen everyone in awhile. We had a great time eating and bowling. Later on that night we headed to the Beer & Wine festival. I didn't really drink much cause I knew I had to be designated driver that night. Anyways I'm not much of a drink like I used to be. heheIf you want to see more pictures, click on the link below:
Birthday Picture Album


Gosh I didn't realize that it's been over 2 months since I've blogged. A lot of stuff to happened during that time. Well let's see what's going on now... This Friday Wah and I will be leaving for VEGAS!!! I'm really excited because it's our first trip together with out anyone joining us. Oh yeah and the kids won't be with us!! I know that might sound a little selfish for being excited but we need time to our selves. The boys will be with my Mom and my sister so they will have fun. I'm hoping that my cousins will come over and keep them company.