Monday, May 18, 2009

My poor baby

So my little baby Tristan broke his 2 front teeth. He was in the bathtub playing in the water and noticed that Kai was peeing on the toilet. So he was curious and peered out of the tub and slipped. He chipped his front tooth! Oh gosh I felt so bad for him. After crying for awhile he seemed to be fine and drooling like crazy.

The next day I took Tristan in to the dentist and they had to give us some bad news. Since one of his tooth's nerves were exposed it would most likely cause an infection to his permanent tooth. His other tooth had a fracture in it which was next to his nerves so we decided to pull both of them out. Let me tell you it was probably one of the most traumatizing things we probably both had to go through. Since Tristan is so young they had to put him in a straight jacket looking thing and put his head in between 2 boards strapped down. I hated seeing him like that. Also I had to hold his hands and knees down so he wouldn't try to grab the instruments. They gave him laughing gas which didn't work because his nose was stuffed so they gave him a shot to numb him. Right when they did that they yanked both of his teeth out real fast. Boy did he cry his lungs out. I just held him for awhile while they cleaned up and he fell asleep. They told us that he can't suck on anything or eat solids for 42 hrs. When they told me that, I was thinking "Great how are we going to do this?". Tristan is still attached to his bottle so it was going to be difficult. It was really hard when we got home cause he just wanted to drink his milk. He just cried and cried till he put himself back to sleep. I don't think I got any sleep that night. Anyways he's doing fine now. He healed up very nicely and he's a happy little boy. hehe

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