Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

So for Mother's day weekend we really didn't do anything. I told Wah that he didn't have to celebrate Mother's day so that way we don't have to do it for Father's day. Too much going on that we need to save our money anyways. I did how ever spend time with my Mom, Aunt, and Grandma over the weekend. It was nice to just sit around and do nothing. Thank god the sun was out that weekend. Tristan was sporting his sun glasses that day and Kai had fun playing with Jordan (his uncle).

One of Wah's friend from high school is getting married so they had his bachelor party. It was nice to see Nabeel and Jim again. They came by the house to see the boys and to shower after playing ball. It was really nice to catch up and remember our high school days. Gosh we're getting old.

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