Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm such a bad blogger

Wow I can't believe it's been over 4 months since I last blogged. A lot went on during that time. The boys are growing so fast and keeping us pretty busy. My Mom moved in with us the beginning of July. She had retired from her job to be closer to the rest of our family and of course us. Now that she's living with us, the boys no longer have to go to my Grandparents house. Currently at my work, my position had changed from doing AP to Facilities. I actually like my new position cause I'm learning and experiencing something new every day. Anyways here's recaps of what went on during my missing blog months:


Vegas (5/22-5/24/09) - Finally a vacation that we both needed. It was just the 2 of us so that was nice. Wah got us a room at the Wynn hotel and it was beautiful. We had a view of the strip and the pool and the bed was the best thing I ever slept in. Even though we went to bed around 3 am and woke up at 8 am, it felt like we slept in forever. Best sleep I've ever had!!! So within the first 2 hrs of being there I had an accident. We were walking towards the mall and I was like "WTF! Why is my dress wet?!?" I had brought a bottle of water with me and thought that the lid was closed. Well it wasn't and my purse and side of my dress was soaking wet! What sucked the most was that my camera, phone, and wallet was inside. My camera was done and luckily after putting a hair dryer for 30 min on my phone it finally came back to life. I made Wah buy me a new camera. There was no way I was going to be in Vegas and not take pictures. After purchasing my new Nikon Cool Pix camera, Wah and I decided to walk down the strip. I had fun walking around going through all the hotels, going to the Secret Gardens, and just taking in everything . Later that night, we met up with our friends Thuy and Raz. For my birthday they had bought me a tickets to go watch "O" at the Bellagio. When we got to the ticket counter they had told us we were sitting at the very front and warned us we would get wet. She chuckled as she was warning us. Little did I know that I was going to get soaked!!! If you have ever been to their show, at the beginning they interact with the audience. It was 2 clowns holding an umbrella with big holes in them. Every time they heard it rain or opened it, it would just pour down water. So I was sitting watching them do their thing and all of the sudden one of the clowns made eye contact with me. He lifted up his umbrella and opened it above me and OMG it started to pour water down on me. Luckily the water was warm and I was wearing water proof mascara. LOL! Other than that the show was amazing. I suggest anyone who goes to Vegas to watch the show. Here are a few pics from the first day:

2nd day of being there we went to the outlet and more site seeing. That evening we went out to Tao beach with Raz, Thuy, Jaimie, Hoanmy, Pearl, and Sophie.
Our next trip is going to be Maui & Oahu in April 2010! Can't wait!

June Nephi's 27th Birthday - Every year for Nephi's birthday we go to Benihana's and for some reason we get the same cook every time. It's fate I'm telling yah. Over the weekend we celebrated his, Raz, and Brian's birthday at Raz's house.

Okay I'm going to bed but I'll add more later. Good Night!

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