Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Neglected Room

Since I've been sick and due to laziness, I have been putting off cleaning and organizing my bedroom. Since the other 3 bedrooms have been occupied the boys have been living in our bedroom. Luckily enough our bedroom is pretty big to fit all of us. Wah and I need to throw out the couch and sell our coffee table. Anyone in need of a glass coffee table? Once we get rid of those things, then we can have more room for the kids toys.

Warning messy room pictures!!
So this is the couch/coffee table area that I just throw all of our junk on. Hopefully I'll get an organizer to put all that stuff.This is where the boys sleep in our bedroom. Don't you love how Kai made his own fort on his bed. He loves sleeping in it, so I let him. Whatever makes him happy right. I'm hoping in the next couple months we'll get he boys new beds. Tristan is outgrowing the crib. Oh yah anyone want a crib in the next couple of months?
My messy bed. Gosh I really need to clean underneath my bed and put my clothes away.
Our entertainment center needs to be re-organized. I had to put a lot of stuff on the top shelf so the boys won't get to it. Anyways this will be my project the next couple of days. I hope I can get it cleaned before my Mom comes over on Friday. AHHHHHHH!!!

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