Sunday, March 29, 2009

Funfilled weekend

Since I had this spring break off I got to spend time with the kids. Worked with Kai on his potty training which we are still working on. Wednesday I just lounged with the kids, Thursday took the kids to the park in my neighborhood, Friday we went to the Childrens Museum and the Zoo. Should've taken them on Thursday since it was nice and sunny but I thought it would be that way on Friday as well. On our way to the zoo it started to rain so my sister and I decided to go to the Children's Museum till the rain died down. Saturday we spent time with Wah's family and then headed off to Diana's Birthday dinner at Jin Wah. It was good to see everyone since it's been awhile. I'm so caught up with the kids and stuff that I usually don't have time to talk or see my friends. Well here are a few pictures from the week.

Thursday @ the Park

Friday @ the Childrens Museum

Friday @ the Zoo

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  1. I wanna join in on one of your fun filled activities! I've never been to the children's museum before. I love that pic of them holding hands and walking off. So sweet