Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm so excited

So last night I went and pre-ordered Twilight. As the day get's closer I'm excited to have our party. I think Mona and I got Na on the band wagon cause she bought the whole series. I can't wait to talk about it with her this weekend. Also I bought the Audio book so I'm going to have Ellen listen to it while she's on the max. Sorry Duy if we bored you to death the other night with all this vampire talk. Can't help it if Edward is the love of our fictional lives. HahahaOn a not so exciting note, last night Kai and Tristan thought it would be fun to pour there milk all over the bedroom carpet and on the entertainment center. I was downstairs making dinner and they were in the room watching the Disney Channel. I came up stairs cause I was gathering the trash and Tristan handed me his empty bottle. I could've sworn I just filled it up and to my surprise it was every where and Kai's as well. When Wah came home, he had cleaned it up. Most of the time when he does clean anything up it's never clean. So after I got back from pre-ordering my movie I did a thorough cleaning. After I cleaned the carpet, I opened the bedroom windows cause of smell. Most of you know the area I live in and well sometimes it smells like cow crap. There's a cow farm, water treatment center, and land fill by our neighborhood and sometimes it get's really bad. Well lucky for me when I opened the window it smelt like crap. Oh what a lovely smell we had in our bedroom last night. Tristan is sure on a roll this week of destroying the house. I forgot to mention he took a crayon and drew ALL over 2 of our walls. The only way we can get rid of it is to paint over it. That's my next mission.

So there's a project that I would like to do in my house. I was inspired by No Biggie.
I got to play around with it last night and it was pretty cool. Let's see if I will actually do this.

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  1. Dude, you're a pro at this blog stuff. Mona and I were talkin' about how it's hard to figure this blog site out so that's why we're behind on blogging. That project above is way cool! I can't wait to see how yours will turn out!